Katariina Lahti - Director - Biography
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Katariina Lahti graduated from the Finnish Theatre School (Suomen Teatterikoulu) . She has also studied at the Schauspieleschule Schöneweide in Berlin and at the University of Art and Design UIAH (Taideteollinen korkeakoulu) in Helsinki on the department for film and set design.

Katariina Lahti is a freelance director. She has worked in several operas and theatres in Finland, including Finnish National Opera, Sibelius Academy Opera, Tampere Opera, Turku Opera, Turku City Theatre, Finnish National Theatre, Lilla Teatern, Oulu City Theatre, Tampere Workers Theatre and Q-Theatre. She has also worked abroad: in Germany, USA, Sweden, Norway and Spain.

In addition to her work in the opera, theatre and musicals Katariina Lahti has worked with films, TV- and radio theatre. She has also dramatised several works for the theatre, written essays and articles, and taught theatre.

Many of the plays she’s directed have also toured abroad.

Ms Lahti has been awardes prizes, received honours and grants for her work.